Industrial Coating Solutions offers an array of customized services, designed to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction comes from quality installation, streamlining production schedules and delivering on time, every time.

Quality 1Quality is Measured: The most important service we provide is quality. Quality is at the core of our business. It enables us to succeed by providing our customers with peace of mind, knowing “that a job worth doing is worth doing right”.
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Blasting 2Media Blasting: Media blasting is the crucial first step in any coating operation. ICS is able to provide many different types of media, blast profiles, and blast cleaning grades, which are all important in ensuring properly applied coatings.
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IMG_0609Coatings: Industrial Coating Solutions provides many different types of protective coating applications. A specific coating may be specified through our customers own engineering, or other times we are able to provide our insight and expertise to make recommendations on the selection of the proper coating.
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Value 7Value Added Services: Industrial Coating Solutions is proud to offer many customized, logical services that are needed while parts are in production. These services provide value by addressing details that just make sense during to coating process. This further enhances our commitment to customer satisfaction and on time delivery. Learn More

Why Choose ICS ?

With a strong emphasis on technical installation, detailed record keeping of production runs, and on time delivery, Industrial Coating Solutions has proven to be a premium solution to all your coating needs.